Community College Courses for your VPA

College Courses For UC Requirements by ms.collegeapps on Jumprope.

Taking community college classes in high school can boost your college admission chances for the University of California as well as giving you college credit.


Summer is a great time to consider taking a community college course and some students like to the community college as a way to fulfill their Visual and Performing Art requirement for the University of California.    Students in my area frequently take CTVR 3 with success and the class meets the VPA requirement, so it is a great option for high school students.

“Typically one semester/quarter of a course meets one year of a high school requirement, but the course counts reflect the actual semesters of coursework completed (i.e., one) and the number of honors points corresponds to the number of grades received (i.e., one)” (The A-Z of A-G)

Popular VPA classes for students at community colleges:

CTVR 3 American Cinema

Music 28 History of Rock

You can check for other UC/CSU transferrable classes at your local community college on ASSIST



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