How to sign up for a community college course?

Community colleges are a great resource for students during high school, especially if they are considering a UC school.  Taking community college classes not only makes you more competitive for the UC and other colleges, but also helps you to get acclimated to college courses and allows you to take a broader range of courses.  Make sure to research your courses before signing up because you want to take courses that allow you to be successful.

1. Complete an Application for Admission on the Saddleback website

Apply online to Saddleback College.

2. Complete and submit a K-12 Special Admission Request Form by your guidance office.

Be sure you have the appropriate signatures (School counselor, principal, and parent) and school seal. Download/Print the form here. Submit the K-12 Special Admission Request Form in-person or by mail to the Admissions and Records office on or before the specific submission deadline date.

Reminder: You must submit a new K-12 Special Admission Request Form each semester/term you wish to enroll.

3. Register for Classes early

Follow these directions to register for classes online.

Remember: All students must meet all prerequisites for the classes in which they wish to enroll. Information

4. Pay Fees

If fees are not paid by the class payment deadline, the class will be dropped. Please visit the Student Payment Office Website for more information. (Enrollment fees are waived for concurrently enrolled students in grades 9-12 but students are responsible for payment of the nonresident tuition, student health fee, material fees, and parking fee, if applicable.)

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