5 Tips to Get off the UC Waitlist

Are you waitlisted for a UC?

Every year the UC waitlists students to control enrollment and it varies year to year how many students are accepted. Last year I had several students accepted off the waitlist for both UCLA and UC Berkeley. The video reviews my 5 tips for students and below I have included a sample portion of a successful Waitlist Response for UC Berkeley.

“I have furthered my own independent study of astrophysics (the major I am applying under) by reading Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe and attending the yearly lecture “Exploring the Universe with Gravitational Waves: From the Big Bang to Black Holes” presented by Kip Thorne at the University of California, Irvine. Furthermore, I completed my International Baccalaureate 4,000 word Extended Essay on “The Special Relativity in Muon Particle Descent through the Atmosphere.”  

I look forward to continuing my education of astrophysics outside the classroom through participation in UC Berkeley’s SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) and by utilizing the Undergraduate Research Space working alongside faculty and fellow students.

As well, I definitely want to participate in the Society for Women in the Physical Sciences. This organization’s goal to encourage women and minorities to study the physical sciences and to create a friendly and supportive environment in these departments for all students masterfully combines two of my passions- equality for women and the sciences.

UC Berkeley is my number one choice. Therefore, please consider changing my application status from waitlisted to accepted. With much enthusiasm, I look forward to hearing from the admissions office. 

Go Bears!”

Good luck!

VIDEO Transcript Below:

Hi, this is Coleen Bryan from College Materials, and I wanted to share with you my five tips that I share with my own students on how to get off the UC waiting list. And I actually call these my five C’s. So the first one is you want to confirm. You’re going to go ahead and confirm via your online portal that you want to remain on the wait list, and this puts you in a holding pattern so that the University of California can inform you of their decision, whether to admit you by June. So they have till June usually.

Secondly, my second C is collect. You want to collect as much information as you can about anything new and compelling that has occurred since the time you submitted your application. So this can be anything from new awards, new jobs, or new circumstances. When you look at those categories, start making a list and then we will take that list and we will go to step number three, which is my third C, and we’re going to create.

You’re going to create either a letter, an email, or a portal reply that contains this new information and shares it in an engaging and informative way. By doing so, you let the University of California admissions officers know that you have an interest in this specific campus and also that you have new and compelling information that would make you an exceptional candidate.

So that brings us to my fourth tip is you need to be convincing throughout the process. So when you hit submit on your reply or email or your portal response, that shouldn’t be the end of your relationship with the admissions office. You want to continue emailing them and letting you know of any updates in regards to your academics or your accomplishments so that you are constantly on the forefront of students that they see really are interested in their campus.

And finally, one suggestion that I have, which is my fifth C, is that students need to commit to one college campus while waiting for your wait list. The common commitment date across the nation is usually May 1st, but because of the pandemic, it’s been extended for some colleges. So make sure you check your colleges that you’ve been accepted to, but go ahead and make that commitment to one campus so that you can at least enjoy your spring and see what happens with your wait list.

Coleen Bryan:
But I wish you the best of luck and you can contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns at collegematerials@gmail.com

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