How do I figure out my UC GPA?


1. Draw a line after semester two of the 9t-grade year on your transcript

2. Go to and find the list of approved “A-G” courses for your high school

3. Cross out any courses that are not considered “A-G”.

4. You must list all “A-G” classes on your application.

5. Repeating of any “D” or “F” grades:

• If you have repeated the EXACT same course, you can replace the old grade

with the new grade when calculating your GPA (but you still have both

classes listed on your application).

• If it is NOT the EXACT same course, you must list both courses and

calculate both grades into your GPA.

• If you are currently making up a “D” or “F” grade, you must list it under “in

progress” for the fall semester or “planned” if you will be taking it in the

spring and you still use the “D” or “F” grade in your GPA calculation.

6. Complete the information below:

Count up the number of

A’s ________ X 4 points each = ________

B’s ________ X 3 points each = ________

C’s ________ X 2 points each = ________

D’s ________ X 1 point each = ________

7. Add together total courses and total points.

Total Courses (A’s + B’s + C’s + D’s) = ________

Total Points (4’s + 3’s + 2’s + 1’s) = ________

8. Add 1 point for each starred course (seen on the doorways website) you have taken

per semester during sophomore and junior years.

9. If you have taken a community college class and it is listed at, you

can add an extra point for the class.

10. The maximum amount of extra points you can add to your total points is 8.

11. Divide total points by total courses.

12. The final result is your UC/CSU college application GPA.

To find out additional information about repeated courses and how to include them in your GPA, you can review the UC Counselor Update here Your UC GPA is important to calculate, so you know exactly where you stand as an applicant to the University of California. You can also calculate your GPA on Roger’s Hub, but the calculation is not as exact as the process listed above.

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