Studying for AP exams during a voluntary quarantine

The Coronavirus has been life-changing for all of us, but we plan to keep learning at home even with “school” not in session.  I have several students that need to take AP tests this spring, so I thought it would be a good idea to create a resource page for families to use during this time.

Start with the College Board as a resource to get familiar with the format of your AP exams.

Here are detailed instructions on how to access the practice questions and review on College Board:

Go to your course’s “Exam” page.

Visit your course page and go to About the Exam. You’ll find the exam date, details about the exam structure, and exam-taking tips. Go to the AP course index to find your course.

Scroll to “Exam Preparation” to find all practice materials.

You’ll find resources to help you prepare such as questions from real exams, scoring guidelines, and sample student responses.

Khan Academy also has great review lessons. For example, here is their review for APUSH and there are sample questions and online review materials. Beyond just Collegeboard and Khan there is a wealth of information on the internet. Some universities even offer online AP courses for free via edX and could be a valuable tool for review. Marco Learning is an amazing platform for AP studying and review as well. Students in AP classes are resourceful and gifted, so I have no doubt that students will be able to prepare for AP exams on their own. I have included several sites and resources  below to help you study during this voluntary Coronavirus Quarantine in California:

AP Chem

Review Site



Our very own Mr. Lynds

AP Review Packet

AP Review Videos

AP Review Notes


Adam Norris AP Review online

Princeton Review for APUSH (5 practice exams)

AP Lit

AP Lit Crash Course

AP Lang (5 practice exams)

The most important thing to do in preparing for AP exams is to understand what you need to learn and review. From there, make a study plan and find the content needed with your online resources to understand the key concepts of your study plan. Next, find practice exams and questions to monitor progress. Continue these steps throughout the spring and you will be prepared for your AP exams this May. Good luck!

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